Saturday, June 23, 2007

A thought on Cheney

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He seems to be going through a lot of trouble to keep stuff hidden. Josh Marshall writes that the White House spokesperson even tried to imply that the VPs exemption was part of the Executive Order itself. Under closer scrutiny, however, it was found to contain no such exemption. Big surprise.

So, either he's hiding something big, or he's hiding stuff as a matter of principle.

Personally, I think he's hiding stuff as a matter of principle. Think about it. The guy has been exposed on so many things. From the energy papers to his profits at Halliburton, to the Valerie Plame thing. I mean, the guy is an outright criminal and he's been found with his hand in the cookie jar repeatedly. And there have been absolutely no repercussions for him. None whatsoever. There can't be anything in anything he's trying to hide that isn't any worse than what we already know about him... short of him personally trying to assassinate a head of state or something.

So, I think, it's all about the ego and what he thinks he's entitled to have and to do. That's it. Nothing more nefarious than we already know he's capable of. Which, though, is pretty damn nefarious.

Just a thought.



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