Friday, June 22, 2007

You Can Get Protection from Men, But You Must Wait to See if God agrees with You.

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Dovetailing nicely with my post, I'll take "Politicians Who Can Never Again Leave America" for $200, Alex" is this article from Raw Story regarding how the worst president ever will be more expensive than any other president to protect:
CNN reported Thursday that the Secret Service expects President Bush to be "a high value terrorist target after he leaves office." They then showed the Secret Service practicing to deal with everything from James Bond-style stealth weapons to roadside IED's in order to meet that challenge.

Retired agent Terry Samway told CNN, "We have the mandate to make sure that whatever they did during their presidency, they are still safe from any of those lingering issues after their presidency."

Even before 9/11, the cost of protection for former presidents was estimated as $24 million a year, and Bush will be guarded by an unprecedented 103 full-time agents starting in January 2009.…
I don't know about you, but I personally think bush deserves nothing more than what every former president has by way of security when he leaves office. In fact, I would give him no SS protection at all, as he brought every bit of the anger, hatred, and distrust upon himself with his law-breaking ways..

This idiot bush has bankrupted the country, both financially and morally, engaged in war crimes and crimes against humanity, and is now and has been actively pursuing the genocide of the Iraqi people to get control of their oil fields.

He should not only NOT receive government protection at all, but the next president elected in '08 should immediately order bush/cheney arrested and transported to the Hague for prosecution for their crimes.

"The Rule of Law" demands it and it may be the only way for America to recover even part of its international reputation as a force of good instead of evil. There is a very special place in hell for these people and they are too stupid to see it coming.

But 103 agents to protect the worst president in American history is a waste of taxpayer dollars, so prosecution at the Hague would be more fiscally responsible than protecting a lawbreaker. Ask any Republican.

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