Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Great White Leader Commutes the Sentence of the Great White Whale

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Come listen now children and we all shall Hail,
Presidential commutation for a Great White Whale.
Now this Great White Whale had suffered conviction
For Perjury and Obstruction of Justice causing friction
And tension as to the worth of the Rule of Law,
The Whale had been harpooned right in the craw.

As to the Great White Whale’s guilt there was no question,
The Whale had been tried, convicted, and the Judge’s decision
Based in law that these offenses were indeed serious crimes
And the Jury which found the Whale guilty agreed at all times.
So the Judge in his wisdom and according to law did sentence
The Great White Whale to spend thirty months behind a fence.

But the Great White Leader decided he cared more for the Whale
Than the pursuit of justice and the American Way so he told a Tale
That even though the Great White Whale exposed American Spies,
He thought the sentence unfair and did not consider it Wise
To send the Great White Whale to jail as called for by Judge and Jury,
'Cause you never know when a Whale might decide to speak out in Fury.

Fury the Great White Whale might be completely justified to feel,
For taking the rap for others, allowing them to remain and steal
And Lie and corrupt and abuse the sensibilities of the Republic,
Knowing that without the Whale’s testimony no charges would stick
To the Evil Men who betrayed a Spy for no other reason why
Than that the Spy’s spouse betrayed Evil Men by exposing the Evil Lie.

The Evil Lie that helped drag our country into a War of Aggression,
A Lie so egregious and heinous that said and left the impression
That Saddam Hussein was trying to purchase uranium for WMDs,
A Great Lie told with facility, deception, and altogether too much ease.
And when the Great Lie became exposed, The Great White Whale
Lied, Perjured himself, and Obstructed Justice by telling a Tale.

But it was a Tale full of too much protest and sounded like lies to the Jury,
Who voted the Whale Guilty and drove the Great White Leader to curry
Favor from all those whom would close their eyes to the Rule of Law,
And never realize at the time that they were exposing a serious Flaw,
For in a Government that has proven it is now comprised of Men,
The application of the Rule of Law will never be seen the same way again.

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