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Everyone go, "A-w-w-w-w!" - Father of Satan Feels Bad His Son Isn't Popular.

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I guess I'm like most people and I don't usually go making snarky remarks about the parents of some clown, like our president, as I generally don't enjoy the, "Yo momma is this or that," kind of snark holding parents responsible for the acts of their grown children. But there are exceptions to every rule.

See this pity-piece in today's NYT about how terrible it is for Daddy to be constantly having his son's shortcomings thrown in his face:
There are times in the life of George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st president of the United States and father of the 43rd, that people, perfect strangers, come up to him and say the harshest things — words intended to comfort but words that wind up only causing pain.

“I love you, sir, but your son’s way off base here,” they might say, according to Ron Kaufman, a longtime adviser to Mr. Bush, who has witnessed any number of such encounters — perhaps at a political fund-raiser, or a restaurant dinner, a chance meeting on the streets of Houston or Kennebunkport, Me. They are, he says, just one way the presidency of the son has taken a toll on the father.

“It wears on his heart,” Mr. Kaufman said, “and his soul.”

These are distressing days for the Bush family patriarch, only the second former president in American history, after John Adams, to see his son take the White House. At 83, he finds it tough to watch his son get criticized from the sidelines; often, he likens himself to a Little League father whose kid is having a rough game. And like the proud and angry Little League dad who cannot help but yell at the umpire, sometimes he just cannot help getting involved.[…]

They talk almost every morning by phone, and Mr. Bush studiously avoids saying anything critical of his son, close associates say. But he has privately expressed irritation with some of his son’s aides. At times, he has urged White House officials to seek outside advice, and he has passed on his own foreign policy wisdom to the president, even as he makes a point of saying his son’s administration is not his.

He views himself, in Mrs. Koch’s words, as “a loving father, first and foremost,” but as he himself suggested to a group of insurance agents at a recent dinner in Minneapolis, loving fathers find it tough to stay away.

“Any parent in this audience knows exactly how I feel,” Mr. Bush said in response to a question about what it was like to have a son as president. “It’s no different. You’ve got to look at it strictly as family — not that anyone is a big shot, even though he’s president of the United States. It’s family. It’s the pride of a father in his son.”
I could not disagree more with this statement, "Any parent in this audience knows exactly how I feel…” and these are my reasons why:

My son never even hinted that he wanted to start an illegal war for oil.
My son never commanded our military to conduct genocidal attacks on a country for its oil.
My son never commanded the kidnapping, torturing, and "disappearance" of any foreign nationals.
My son never bankrupted the country with wildly excessive tax breaks to the wrong people - millionaires and billionaires.
My son would never cut funding for the poor, the young, and the infirm to finance an illegal war.
My son never corrupted a political party beyond the bounds of rationality in pursuit of illegal objectives.
My son never spent $5,000.00 a second fighting an illegal war for oil.
My son would not fight tooth-and-nail AGAINST giving our troops better medical care.
My son has never and never would order the extra-judicial killing, or murder of people never even charged with an offense.
My son would never show the dead bodies of an enemy's son on television in violation of law and treaty.
My son has no desire to rule the world as king and kill anyone who got in the way.
My son has never actively worked to destroy our constitution and take away civil rights in violation of an oath of office.
My son is none of the ugly, pernicious, cowardly, dastardly, and puerile things that your son, GWB, has been shown to be.
If my son was any of the things your morally bankrupt son is I would not brag, but remove myself from the public square and spend the rest of my days apologizing to the country and actively doing everything I could to stop him.

So, GHWB, I do know how fathers of people who do good deeds or whom would never hurt anyone feel, and that is, indeed, great pride in a son who desires to do well in life for himself and those who love him.

So, yes, I have that, "It’s the pride of a father in his son…” thing going on in my home.

Somehow you have raised a monster, a megalomaniacal, despotic, would-be-king, wanna-be-dictator who murders for sport, fun, and profits, with the emphasis on profits, for Big Oil, of course. He also believes that god speaks to him as he is the Messiah and GWB talks back to god. He is a religious fool on a Crusade to destroy the Islamic people for their wealth - oil - and that makes him no better that a common thief, at best, and the worst world leader in history, at worst. I think "worst." Anyone who would feel pride for a son who has repeatedly broken both the law and his oath of office must be, in my mind, of exactly the same quality and calibre of person the son is.

So, GHWB, even though you are too blinded by pride to recognize the monster your son is, the rest of the world is not. But then again, I'm just one of those "librels" who actually believes that our constitution is worth having and saving at all costs. GWB considers it to be "…just a god-damned piece of paper…" with which to wipe his a$$.

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