Sunday, August 05, 2007

One of the Worst Acts of Political Cowardice I've Ever Seen

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Well, fellow democrats, we now know beyond any shadow of a doubt that the democrats currently in office have absolutely no political courage, cannot or will not stand up to the most law-breaking president in history, and they have again, instead of impeaching bush or seeking to hold him accountable for any of the horrid things he has done to America, given him carte blanc to continue spying on Americans via a process declared illegal by the FISA court.

So rather than confront Fearful Leader and hold him accountable for five continuous years of law-breaking, the democrats retroactively approve the illegalities so that bush will escape the consequences of breaking the law for which ANY OTHER citizen in the country would have been prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law.

Put simply:

bush is king, almighty, and able to order ANYONE jailed forever or he can order them killed/kidnapped/tortured to death, he can declare martial law next year when he attacks Iran, and then he can cancel the '08 elections.

Democrats are gutless cowards unable or unwilling to confront the king even when 70% of the country is on their side.

Republicans are going to become the permanent majority party in America because the pusillanimous democrats refuse to do what they can to represent the vast majority of Americans. Americans hate cowards so Republicans are going to win in '08 simply because they have the balls to do what they want and make democrat look like idiots daily. They act like the winners they actually are, they have made democrats totally ineffectual, and people vote for winners, not losers.

And I have written Barbara Boxer and told her all this and more and I recommend everyone contact their senator or congressman and tell them you will not vote for cowards either. It MIGHT make a difference.

I will be voting independent in '08, or not at all, as I will not vote for stinkin', yella-bellied dogs, who crawl off with their tails between their legs every time bush goes, "Boo!", and refuses to protect this country, its citizens, AND THEIR CONSTITUENTS.

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