Wednesday, August 15, 2007

You Just Can't Take Your Eye Off These Guys - Ever

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I've been playing "keeper of the puppies" for the last couple 'o' weeks, a beautiful litter of two male and five female Boston Terriers; all of them as precocious, precious, and as cute as they can be. Also quite a handful to keep track of now that they are being weaned, with regular "jailbreaks" to keep life interesting.

So I have only kept a small part of my attention on the political scene, especially after the cowardly, gutless, spineless, yella-bellied so-called Democrats sold the country and their constituents out again by allowing bush/cheney to ooze under our ever lower standards for government, politicians, stewards of the nation, and safe-guarders of our freedoms by once again granting bush all the wiretapping authority any government or criminal enterprise could possibly want. Heck, just for good measure they included ol' Abu Gonzales on the list of people who can require that we be listened to- WITHOUT A WARRANT or court review.

Now I see this morning that powerful military spy satellites will be used to scour America for terrorists, as everyone knows that terrorists look different than anyone else when viewed from outer space, right? So:

Your mail, emails, telephone calls, and anything on your computer can be had or monitored without warrant.
You will soon be under ever increasing surveillance from space (once they start, they just can't stop).
You can be made to "disappear" by presidential fiat, never to be seen or heard from again, even brutally tortured and then murdered. No one would know because:
You can be declared a terrorist subject to the above procedures for "disappearing" someone and because:
You would have no right to habeas corpus, and can be held forever without trial, charges, or hope because:
You would not be able to appeal to any court for relief and because:
You can be declared a terrorist supporter and "disrupter" of our efforts to pacify the foreign countries we have invaded and have your assets seized by order of the president because:
bush can declare anyone or any group he wishes as a terrorist or terrorists sympathizers so he can take their money without due process of law to help pay for his illegal wars.

I keep adding this up, over and over again, and it all adds up to a coming "police state" engaged in more eternal warfare to steal Middle East oil, and with the gestapo government tactics to suppress the people now firmly in place, I am beginning to believe there is nothing that can stop bush/cheney/the neocons from doing anything they want and the people have no representation, effective representation, in Congress to prevent a coup.

Boy, go have a little fun with puppies for a while and the whole country goes to hell in a hand-basket. It just ain't right that Americans, AMERICANS, have to suffer these usurpers of the law and our Constitution and the evil they work in our names.

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