Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Brief Word About Our Coward-in-chief

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Another "secret" flight into iraq for a photo-op with the troops. A tired, stale old trick still used, I suppose, because bush lacks the intelligence to learn any new ones. I looked at the TV reports very carefully and noted that this appearance was at a way o.d. [out dere] military base, so far out in the desert that the only thing visible for mile-after-mile is mile-after-mile of mile-after-mile. Well, and some foothills so far distant you'd probably run out of gas and die of thirst before you could drive a Humvee there.

Hence the wearing of a short-sleeved shirt to give the subliminal message that Iraq is now safer, thanks to bush's surge, so safe that the Coward-in-Chief got to hang with the troops without a bullet-proof vest being obvious. It's a crying shame there wasn't anything but sand out there; it would have been wonderful to watch bush trim brush and participate in really dangerous stuff like weed-whacking. But, sadly, nothing but sand as far as the eye could see in every direction.

Brave bush, slinking in like the thief-in-the-night he is to talk crap about how peachy everything is and how close we're getting to gaining control of all that oil we went there to steal.

I would ask of the press this: No more photo-ops for a man too cowardly to announce his travel plans in advance, too scared to land AF-1 at Baghdad International airport, or way to horrified of his own shadow to venture a ride downtown to the Green Zone on that stretch of road from the airport we still do not control fully after all these years.

America used to have some pretty heroic leaders. Now we have our Coward-in-Chief to shame us all. It's the only thing he does well.

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