Monday, September 03, 2007

A Past Warning from Albert Einstein Just as Meaningful Today

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Albert Einstein, a man I think most people agree was a very smart guy, once said, "If World War III is fought with nuclear weapons, World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

I really can't think of a more prescient warning that is just as relevant today as the day Einstein said it. It is probably a pretty good indicator of where the world is heading because of American leader's desire to steal Middle East oil instead of just purchasing it through honest commerce. That is why we are in Iraq, after all.

It is also relevant because bush/cheney are just itching to use nuclear weapons in the obliteration of Iran. Any attack against Iran, even without using nukes, will exponentially increase the risk to America and American's interests in the world, as no matter how many Iranians are murdered by America, we can't kill all of its 72-million citizens.

Iran is not Iraq. They will have the highly trained people remaining and those already scattered around the world who will have available to them weapons of destruction Saddam never possessed. And I'm not even addressing their alleged nuclear weapons program because those in a position to know, the U.N. IAEA who just completed new inspections, say that bush is totally wrong regarding Iran's nuclear capabilities and that Iran is a decade or more from making a nuke.

But kill a couple of million of their citizens just for sport, like cheney hunting caged and mostly domesticated animals, and the consequences will be devastating. If the Muslim world doesn't totally despise us yet, another attack on a Muslim country, especially with nukes, will finish any chance for peace in the Middle East until a new superpower rises to take America's place as an honest broker of peace.

Iran has close ties to both China and Russia. These two countries have been "war-gaming" together and cooperating with one another as never before. I am certain it is because they envision America using nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear country and they may fear that once bush/cheney start using nukes they better join together to confront America with their own nuclear weapons.

Iran doesn't now have nukes, but once attacked and millions are killed, China or Russia or, for that matter, even North Korea would most likely be glad to sell them one for detonation somewhere in America or Europe. Maybe even give them several.

But even absent nuclear capability Iran certainly has the high explosives and the experts in their use that could do untold harm to world commerce and pose an extreme danger to American's here at home.

Attack Iran and hundred of thousands of its people will become "freedom fighters" using the tactics of terror in the United States to destroy infrastructure, chemical and nuclear plants, trains carrying chemicals through highly populated areas, shopping malls, landmarks, and lord knows what else.

bush/cheney are obviously oblivious to the possible consequences of attacking Iran, but every American with a modicum of commonsense should be aware of the consequences of starting a third war while we are already losing two simultaneously.

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