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Will Stanford Maintain its World-class Status by Refusing a Return by Rice?

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One of the most disgusting little toadies in the bush/cheney maladministration, in my opinion, is condoleeza rice, a person so full of bile and vitriol that she helped take America into an illegal war for Iraq's oil, but is arrogant enough to believe she has done a good job.

A little story I read the other day about condi going "nuclear" on a store clerk because the clerk did not immediately show her the "expensive" jewelry first, saying that it was the reason why the clerk was just a clerk and SHE was a very important person, illustrates condi to a "T", for me, as I have always despised people who thought they were so much better than everyone else that they felt free to dump on "the little people," as Leona Hemsley would have said.

But that kind of sick ego made her a perfect foil for bush since he could bend his "office wife's" will to his liking.

Now, amidst efforts to rehabilitate her image by allowing easy access to biographers who will hopefully write well of her comes this bit of news from Stanford University which shows that the school remains a bastion of integrity and intelligence: many, many students and staff do not want rice to return to her old job.

It's a long article, but I find that this quote from an article in the NYTs says it all, and much better than I could:
On May 25, Stanford University’s student newspaper, The Stanford Daily, devoted the bulk of its front page to the university’s former provost, who is on leave while she serves out her term as secretary of state. “Condi Eyes Return,” read the headline, “but in What Role?”

Within hours, the letters to the editor started coming in. “Condoleezza Rice serves an administration that has trashed the basic values of academia: reason, science, expertise, and honesty. Stanford should not welcome her back,” wrote Don Ornstein, identified by the newspaper as an emeritus professor of mathematics in a letter published May 31.
Thank you, Professor Ornstein, for stating your case so eloquently and simply.

"[R]eason, science, expertise, and honesty." Traits that are unknown in the bush/cheney maladministration.

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