Monday, September 24, 2007

Master Baiting

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U.S. Aims To Lure Insurgents With 'Bait'
Snipers Describe Classified Program

A Pentagon group has encouraged some U.S. military snipers in Iraq to target suspected insurgents by scattering pieces of "bait," such as detonation cords, plastic explosives and ammunition, and then killing Iraqis who pick up the items, according to military court documents.
Gee, it's not like an innocent child or adult would ever ... While I'm sure the Army stayed up late thinking this war crime most excellent idea up, they should have stayed up late watching infomercials instead. Why just last night I saw where they could order the Deluxe Terrerist Magnet Kit from Acme™!
It comes complete with some big red X's, fake tunnel paint, a bag o' Acme™ terrerist food pellets, some rocket powered roller skates, a couple of Iraqi civilian cars (complete with pregnant mothers and children), and a get out of jail free card.

But wait! There's more! Call right now and we'll include the Acme™ anvil with the patented Acme™ anvil launcher!

This offer not good in the United States, accountability not included.

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At 10:57 AM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

This is flat-out, plain old MURDER. Another ringing endorsement of bush/cheney's military.

At 4:25 PM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

Where on Earth do they get their ideas from? Is there some sort of evil reference book out there. "The book of Evil: plans, potions and practical ideas for destroying a planet and killing innocents."


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