Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More Stupid Republican Congress Tricks or What to Do When You've Flogged Your Horse to Death

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Ever since bush was appointed by the Supreme Court Republicans have been one-trick ponies that pick an issue, beat Democrats over the head with it, and continue 'til they have flogged it to death.

And, oh my, have the Republicans got their panties in a bunch about the MoveOn.Org full-page "General Petraeus/General Betray-us" ad. Every Republican I've seen so far is using this ad to try and beat up Democrats ala Sean Vannity and his, "Do you renounce those comments or do you support them?", although he never seems to ask Republicans to distance themselves from any of Mann Coulter's comments. Or his. Or Bill Orally.

I admire Rep. Ike Skelton's reminder to Duncan Hunter and others that it is not necessary to distance one's self from COMMENTS YOU NEVER MADE.

Now Senator Bit¢h McConnell (R-total A$$) and Senator Cornhole (R-Texas) are trying to attach an amendment to a transportation bill to condemn MoveOn.Org and thank goodness Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) informed them that no work would ever get done if amendments disputing every comment made by anyone against anyone else were filed, argued, and voted on. He also pointed out that not a single Republican came forth to protest the Swift boat Liars that impugned the character of a genuine war hero and presidential candidate Senator John Kerry.

The amendment was, of course, out of order and not voted upon.

Besides, Petraeus claimed that he had written the report himself, no one had assisted him or written any part of it for him, and that it was purely his original work being shared for the first time. That was his testimony.

So how the hell did everyone in the world know EVERYTHING he was going to say verbatim and how were they able to print all that info in the press before the hearing?

It's fun watching so many old, rich jerkoffs like Republican Senators bit¢h and whine like crack wh0res in need of a fix while feigning outrage.

Senator jack Reed (D-Rhode island) pointed out that the real abominations regarding our military are the thousands of homeless vets and those needing medical care.

Who cares if a general officer, or those who would purport to speak for him, can't handle an insult when the true insults are as stated by Senator Reed.

POSTSCRIPT: Why in the world would Senators seek to censure the free speech rights of any group of people? Aren't they there to safeguard those rights instead of condemning the exercise of them? Republicans, Guardians and Protectors of nothing but their own a$$e$.

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You want to safeguard our rights? Tar and feather the lot of them!

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