Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Second Anniversary of Shame While bush Plays His Stupid, Dangerous Game

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pResident bush had the chutzpah to show up for ceremonies documenting one of the most shameful events in modern American history, the destruction of New Orleans, the complete failure of the bush Republican government to adequately respond, and the subsequent failure after failure to help rebuild a fabulous city destroyed on bush's watch.

The corruption, crony contracts, no bid contracts, and the billions spent that somehow just didn't seem to do anything for those actually needing help, and instead helped millionaires and the well-to-do, should be one of many of the dark stains of shame for the bush/cheney maladministration, except for the fact that these people have no shame, no conscience, no honor, no dignity, no competence in governing, no loyalty to America or Americans, and who treat the Treasury as their private bank where no poor people need apply.

1800 dead, hundreds of thousands displaced, insurance companies that refused to pay claims from people faithfully paying for their policies for years, and virtually every penny America used to possess thrown down the sinkhole of Iraq.

Instead of more help rebuilding, our ridiculously puerile occupant in the White House intends to waste hundred of billions more to make war on another sovereign country, Iran. That will sure do a lot for New Orleans, huh?

Our disgusting little worm of a president spoke from a very small room, apparently with only a very small group of people and the press. I guess the slimy coward just didn't have the courage to face large numbers of citizens who are genuinely pissed that bush has not only NOT kept his promise to rebuild new Orleans, but has once again enriched the already rich. Everyone knows bush cannot face his critics and protesters for fear of facing perfectly legitimate questions and statements that accurately reflect his gross incompetence.

And bush mostly just spoke of education and not the plight of the people forced upon them by an uncaring government and even then, mercifully, he spoke for only minutes

But I can assure bush/cheney that although they are too base, vile, and heartless to feel shame, there are millions of Americans who are thoroughly ashamed of THEM.

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