Monday, October 22, 2007

Brooklyn Mice

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They are a special breed, quite brilliant, almost Einsteinian.They eschew peanut butter and cheese nips. Simple glue traps? No way, they skirt those like pros. (I however get them stuck all over me somehow.) Snap traps? They just push them aside with their filthy little paws. Predator pee? They seem to instinctively know there are no bobcats in Brooklyn. I've just purchased one of those sonic devices. If that doesn't work, I hope I can rent someone's cat for a few weeks.

We're not the only ones who notice that Brooklyn mice have a sort of street smarts.
Excerpt: We tried humane traps. The mice laugh. We tried snap traps. The mice roll their eyes. I finally allowed the above housemate to bring home glue traps, which he laid out like a force field across the path where the mice enter. They just don’t cross the line. We hypothesized that the mice know the smell of the glue. Whatever the reason, nobody in this entire house has ever caught a mouse in any kind of trap. And our dog, bred to hunt mice in German castles, is useless. I have been hearing similar stories from other people in the hood, and it seems that Bushwick mice have street smarts: they know what will kill them and they avoid it.



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How the heck did you get my high school yearbook picture?


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