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There are still Senators that care about America and aren't afraid to show it

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Earlier this month I wrote about how "unanimous consent" and the desire for "comity" in the Senate was killing our country. Apparently there is one U.S. Senator who has tired of this game and has exercised his prerogative to place a "hold" on the abomination of a telecom amnesty piece of legislation, which, according to bush is the most dire need in America right now. Not sick kids, not getting us out of Iraq, not balancing the budget and restricting spending, not rebuilding NOLA (after all these years), not taking care of the sick, the elderly, the infirm; oh, no! we must give lawbreaking companies immunity from prosecution for their crimes simply because the president broke the law ordering illegal spying.

That Senator is Chris Dodd, Democratic candidate, and apparently the only one of 51 democratic senators willing to play on the same level with the Republicans: down and dirty in the mud and doing what is right for America and the hell with what any rethug might think of a Democratic leader (and this shows true leadership) or the consequent whining by them as to how damaging not passing the telecom amnesty legislation is for the country; how they must bend to the will of the worst president in history.

I just sent this email to Senator Dodd along with a $25 contribution (I ain't no rich guy).:
Thank you, Senator Dodd. I have been watching my country fall apart under Republican rule and have been ashamed that "unanimous consent" and the desire for "comity" has overridden the basic instinct to protect the country from wanna-be despots like bush/cheney. It has saddened me that the rethugs seem to know AND USE every parliamentary trick in the books to stall, obfuscate, block the Democratic agenda, and hell, even muscling the Democratic leaders into approving a "Non-filibuster filibuster" where, by "gentlemen's agreement" the rethugs can filibuster legislation by a mere vote, no need to break out the cots and keep someone on the floor constantly debating as a proper filibuster must be done.

I am an American. I can now be arrested and held forever without trial, charges filed, or the representation of counsel, effectively "disappeared" by presidential fiat, beyond the reach of law and family. I have no right to a speedy trial or any trial at all if so ordered by the president. My death can be ordered extra-judicially by executive fiat, with no review or restraint. I can be kidnapped off the streets of any country and rendered to another for endless torturing, or I may be tortured by presidential order right here in America. If I wish to be able to use my right to free speech, I may be ordered to do so where no can hear, and, if I want to protest elsewhere I will be arrested. I am no longer safe in my home, my papers, or my personal effects as the government can now use "sneak and peak" non-judicially issued security letters to break into my home at will. My computer, emails, phone calls, and letters are all being spied upon without limitation. A systematic genocide of the Iraqi people is being carried out in the name of all Americans to steal the oil we could have purchased through normal commerce for a fraction of the cost. Another systematic genocide of the Iranian people is in the works and the bombs could start falling at any time. My country's reputation is in tatters and being dragged further into the mud daily. America can be kept at eternal war at horrible costs, but America can no longer provide its best for the sick, the elderly, the infirm, and the lesser amongst us. This is not the country in which I grew up. It is a country shaming us all, dominated by the will of the religious right that forms the core support group for the bush administration.

I ask that you read this email carefully and, perhaps, read it on the floor of the Senate so people understand the awful consequences of continuing on this path.

I thank you most of all for doing what no other Democratic Senator seems willing to do. Thank you, sir, for exercising your prerogative and power as a U.S. Senator to stop yet another travesty of justice from being committed. bush isn't seeking amnesty for telecoms going back to 9-11, but going back a full six months or more earlier when the spying he ordered was illegal by ANY standard.

And most of all, thank you for working to restore America's former glory and reputation as the freest and most democratic country on the face of the earth. God bless you, sir.
Would that 50 other democratic senators would dare to use their power to stop bush cold in his tracks to protect America.

ANY senator can at ANY time put a hold on ANY piece of legislation and keep it from coming to a vote for ANY length of time.

Why, they can stop all bills financing this illegal war in Iraq. They can refuse to allow the Pentagon budget from coming to a vote. They can stop dead any Republican legislation, which is almost universally bad for the country. And they can continue this until bush has to scream uncle, if they have the balls.

Frankly, I believe that the majority of American citizens would LIKE to see the Republican agenda stopped dead, instead of watching our country go down the tubes from presidential demands that are so obviously horrible for America.

Thank you, Senator Dodd. There is still a faint ray of hope for the U.S. Senate.

A SPECIAL NOTE: In my zeal and excitement at a U.S. Senator actually having the balls to stand up to our Criminal-in-Chief I erred in stating a hold could stop legislation forever. It may be overcome after a filibuster if 60 Senators vote against it. Let's pray Senator Dodd will actually force a real filibuster, where they bring in the cots and debate the issue for two days so we can hear all the reasons Republicans and now some Democrats want to grant immunity to companies that clearly committed crimes.

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