Friday, October 19, 2007

I don't know the whole backstory on this

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But this can't be good. Newspaper execs were arrested for a story that authorities claimed revealed secret grand jury secretes. What were the secrets revealed?
Excerpt: Lacey and Larkin revealed in the story that Village Voice Media company, its executives, its reporters and the names of the readers of its Web site had been subpoenaed by a special prosecutor for the grand jury, the Times reported. [emphasis added]
Doesn't THAT just put a chill through your bones?

Honestly though. If you don't know by now that everything you do on the internet is being collect into a huge database somewhere then you don't have a clue. Have you ever turned your cookies off? Try it. Clear your cookies and your cache and turn off your cookies. Go to CNN or any MSM site or almost any site for that matter. You'll be astounded how many cookies the pages try to load onto your system.

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