Friday, October 05, 2007

CNN's Reporter Bias Not Funny, But Probably Makes Her Money

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Boy! Some days just start weird. Got up, flipped on CNN, Gerri Willis, their financial reporter, was discussing the mortgage meltdown, showed a clip of Chris Dodd discussing the problem, then cut back to Gerri who said (paraphrasing slightly), " All the democratic candidates for president are talking about the problem, but are doing absolutely to help solve the problem."

She then started rattling off the names of the democratic candidates and after each name stated they were all talk and doing nothing to help. This didn't bother me until I realized that she was not only giving all the Rethug candidates a complete pass and mentioned NONE of their names, she didn't even bother to point out that this problem is the creation of the former Rethug-controlled congresses!

This was a carefully phrased dig at democrats and democrats only, even though they did not create the problem (although some dems undoubtedly did vote with the Rethugs and helped), and clearly reveals a not-so-subtle bias against democrats on the part of this reporter… er… news-reader, Gerri Willis. Disgusting.

It's gonna be one of those days.

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