Tuesday, October 23, 2007

That figures.

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Is it any wonder the federal funding for wildfire prevention was cut so more money could be funneled into the war? (From an article dated 2 April 2007)
Excerpt: But now, the federal fire-prevention money for their work is drying up. Priorities in Washington, D.C., have shifted to paying for national defense, cleanups after Hurricane Katrina and other needs, forestry experts say.
For those people who think that the war doesn't really have any effect on us here at home, guess again.

One can only imagine what the $1.2 billion that's LOST over there in Iraq -- not spent on the stupid and illegal war, but money that was LOST, as in, gee boss, I don't know where all that money went -- could've paid for back here. And Bush has the audacity to ask for $189.2 billion more??


I mean




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