Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The lying liars still can't keep their lies straight, so what are they really doing?

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From Raw Story:
Russia accused the United States on Wednesday of accelerating attempts to deploy anti-missile defences in central Europe, despite Moscow's request for a freeze on the project.

Washington's negotiations with Poland and the Czech Republic over installing the defences "have not only not been suspended, but additional measures are being taken to speed them up," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Mikhail Kamynin. "There is the impression that the United States is trying to make the realisation of its plans irreversible," Kamynin said in a statement.

Kamynin also reiterated Moscow's dismissal of US accusations that Iran presents a military threat. Russia does not support "a holy alliance against this country," he said.[…]

The United States says the shield would guard against potential threats from Iran.

Russia sees the US missile defense plans as a military encroachment in its former sphere of influence that could be turned against Russia's own nuclear deterrence.

The United States, which is still negotiating with Poland and the Czech Republic for access to their territory, insists that the planned missile defences are no match for Russia's nuclear arsenal.
Everyone on down from the Pentagon to the State Department is aware of the troubled history of this interceptor system. It wouldn't matter if America is placing 10 or 100 or 1,000 interceptor missiles anywhere in the Russian sphere of influence.

The system would not have the capability to stop the 11,000 or so missiles Iran can let loose, much less, as in the article above, the system certainly would pose no deterrent to missile launches from Russia (or China either for that matter).

So why is the bush maladministration lying about the purpose of placing this system in Europe? Could it be that they would not put into place a defensive interceptor system but are instead trying to place "preemptive first strike" missiles on Russia and China's doorstep, which would allow only minutes for either country to respond if a missile attack were launched?

Look at bush's record of lies, deceptions, and just plain old evil and think about that for awhile.

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