Friday, November 16, 2007

One of the dumbest ideas ever

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Headline from the Huffington Post: Lou Dobbs "Seriously Contemplating" Presidential Bid.

Contemplate away, Lou. You'll soon find that being a one-trick anti-immigration pony would maybe keep you in the headlines for a week or so, but I think most Americans are growing ever more weary of, "HATE! HATE! HATE! FEAR! FEAR! FEAR!" as a political mantra and you would soon know how Stephen Colbert or, going way back, Pat Paulsen, feel and felt, respectively, willfully making fools of themselves to entertain and perhaps even enlighten the public about American politics.

Doesn't it crack you up that you think for even an instant that a second-rate, hate-spewing, biased, and clearly prejudiced news reader such as yourself might even be thought of as a serious candidate, much less ever become one?

Besides, Freddie Thompson has the avuncular vote locked down already.

But this is America, so dream on, Lou. Dream on.

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