Tuesday, November 20, 2007

When Sibel Edmonds speaks, you hear crickets.

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Not that I really expected anything to happen when Sibel Edmonds said she'd defy the gag order and speak to any American media outlet that would have her. But I thought SOMETHING would happen. But nothing did.
"I have been receiving calls from the mainstream media all day," Edmonds recounted the day after we ran the story announcing that she was prepared to violate her gag-order to disclose all of the national security-related criminal allegations she has been kept from disclosing for the past five years.

"The media called from Japan and France and Belgium and Germany and Canada and from all over the world," she told The BRAD BLOG.

"But not from here?" we asked incredulously.

"I'm getting contact from all over the world, but not from here. Isn't that disgusting?" she shot back.
Yes, indeed, it is disgusting. She's willing to do one knock-them-down, drag-them-out interview and nobody in the great US of A is willing to do it. Not even Keith Olberman.

What is everyone so afraid of? There's very little that this administration can manage correctly. If a few people stood up to them, I'm pretty sure there would be few, if any, repercussions. But people have to stand together.

And nobody is willing to start the fight.

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