Saturday, December 01, 2007

History repeating itself

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Remember way back when, when Trent Lott said that ridiculous thing during Strom Thurmond’s birthday, about how if Strom had become president, we wouldn’t have all these “problems” we have now? And how nobody in the MSM made a peep about it until the blogs hashed it around for two or three weeks, screaming at the top of their digital lungs?

Well, the same thing is happening with this Giuliani story, the so-called “shag fund” story -- or, if you prefer dKos, “sex on the city” story. The blogs are running with the story, as well they should. I don’t care that Giuliani cheated on his wife, but I DO care about the abuse of power.

So, I have to wonder if MSM will eventually ‘wake up’ to the story in a few weeks, just like they did for the Lott story.

This scandal could, nay SHOULD, take down Giuliani’s run. The man has no business running for any office, let alone the office of the presidency.

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