Thursday, December 27, 2007

It ain't no party, it ain't no disco, ain't no women allowed…

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I sincerely hope that HRC is not our democratic nominee for president in '08, not because she's a woman, but to simply put a stop to "political dynasty families" (B/C/B/?C?) once, and hopefully, forever.

But that scalawag Fred Thompson has no problem stating flatly that "there is no woman" that should be elected president next year.":
Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson says there's not a woman who should be president next year.

It was a jab aimed at Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The former Tennessee senator was in Iowa today, challenging potential caucus-goers to choose the best man to help fend off what he described as a Democratic Party that would lead the country into a welfare state. [Can anyone help me figure out the difference between a "welfare state" and a state so deeply in debt from reckless spending policies that Satan has a lending office just off the West Wing? Bill]

Without saying Clinton's name, he said -- quote -- "There is no woman on the horizon that ought to be president next year, let's all agree on that."

Thompson continued to refer to the next president as a man who should represent conservative principles and values.
If you go to the link you'll see that Thompson was allegedly "teasing" HRC, something I'm sure political opponents do all the time out on the stump, just like George "Macaca" Allen just loves to tease minorities and people of color.

What a hoot that Fred Thompson is - but will he be able to remember four years of scripted dialogue?

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