Monday, January 14, 2008

And just for kicks and grins…

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A couple of decades ago I was one of those people that bet on the Sony Beta VCRs and lost my a$$ buying Beta movies, so it was with great trepidation that I jumped out there all bad and bet on Sony again, hoping that their Blu-Ray systems would surpass and conquer Toshiba's HD format. Fortunately for me it does look like the Blu-Ray format is going to be the undisputed winner of this battle. Sony really hit the ground running and has signed virtually all of the major studios for conversion of their movie libraries and future films to Blu-Ray.

If you have made the jump to Blu-Ray you just absolutely must check out the new collector's edition of "Bladerunner," which has all five permutations of my favorite movie, a little origami bird (just like the one the Edward James Olmos character left behind to let Decker know he had been there), one on those flying police cars, a folder of artist conception prints, a really good 3-D hologram heavily encased in plexiglas, and all contained in a shiny plastic imitation aluminum case that will never properly fit any shelf system currently in existence or likely to be built in my lifetime.

Ah, bliss. The original '82 stateside release, the European original release, the first Director's cut, the final '07 Director's cut, and even a complete copy of the working print. Heaven!

All with a picture and sound that almost defy description. You have never truly seen the magnificent majesty and grand scale of the sets, with detail beyond compare, until you view this in Blu-Ray. There is much detail that you have never seen, even on the original DVD releases.

I cannot recommend this collector's set more highly.

Best of all and especially nice for me because it was a gift from my son, who is a fine young man, no matter what his mother says about him.



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