Friday, January 11, 2008

Does a recount matter?

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A typical morning here at casa Vidiot. I was talking about how Dennis Kucinich is calling for a recount in New Hampshire, since the difference between the hand-counted ballots and the machine-counted ballots, for both the DEM and GOP, is somewhat remarkable. Mr. Vidiot chided me for even caring about such a nonsensical thing.

What do you think?

I think that the more people who realize that are elections are farcical, the less likely they will be to support the system it represents. He contends that since ALL elections everywhere have always been rigged, either from the get-go or during the counting, it doesn’t matter because the choices are always all the same. I say that the powers that be have their preferences; in this case Hillary and McCain. He said they’re all members of the ruling elite, and therefore any one of them will represent that group. I say that the more people who drop out of the system, the more likely things will change. He says it doesn’t matter how many people drop out of the system, the revolution will definitely not be fomented by the middle class, not in this day and age.

And so it went. The neighbors must think we’re quite mad. And mind you, this conversation occurs before the coffee has kicked in.

Whatever, I think we’re both right. For me, personally, it was the awareness of just how bad our electoral system was before I was even bothered to think about the actual candidates and how it doesn’t really matter who wins. It’s like the dance of the seven veils. As each veil is dropped, more is revealed. But the veils have to be dropped. You can’t expect a population accept change (and I mean REAL change, not the insipid faux change the candidates keep chanting) if they can’t see that change is needed. And you can’t see that change is needed until you can see through the veils of the illusion that our political and economic systems provide. He, of course is right on so many levels; it’s all ridiculous, they’re all ridiculous.


I’m sure tonight’s dinner is going to be interesting.

Whatever the case, frankly, Kucinich could be stepping into a trap. According to Bev Harris at, it’s not just recounting the votes, it’s who gets to choose which counties get counted, it’s the chain of custody issues (who had the ballots in between the vote being cast and the vote being reported), who’s actually counting the ballots, all sorts of things. So, in all likelihood, he may be allowed to have a recount, but it will only show that yes, the results are valid and see! The system works! Blah blah blah and in the process, Kucinich ends up looking like an idiot and anyone who had a sliver of doubt can then go back to their regularly scheduled programming.

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