Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Even more bad lying by bushco…

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Last week we read about the garbage fatality rate bushco was claiming for American casualties that contradicted itself, saying:
The second half of 2007 saw violence drop dramatically in Iraq, but the progress came at a high price: The year was the deadliest for the U.S. military since the 2003 invasion, with 899 troops killed.
From the Huffington Post today comes another look at just how badly we are being lied to about civilian deaths in Iraq:
Iraq's government released statistics on the number of civilians and security force members it said were killed in 2007.

According to figures released Monday by the Iraqi government, 16,232 civilians, 432 soldiers and about 1,300 Iraqi policeman died in 2007. The previous year, according to the figures compiled by the health, defense and interior ministries, 12,371 civilians, 603 soldiers and 1,224 policeman were killed.

The government's figures were roughly in line with a count kept by The Associated Press, which found that 18,610 Iraqis were killed in 2007. In 2006, the only other full year an AP count has been tallied, 13,813 died.

For December 2006, the count found that 2,309 people were killed compared to about 700 last month. Last January was equally blood-soaked with 1,908 deaths.
You'd think for a government that lies without compunction and just to lie for the sake of lying would at least come up with some half-way believable prevarication.

And the reason we haven't impeached, convicted, removed from office, and turned all our war criminals over to the Hague for prosecution would be?

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