Monday, January 21, 2008

Headline for the day…

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…comes from the Huffington Post: "IRS Audits Of Millionaires On The Rise"

This cracks me up as it was bush 1 who stopped the auditing of millionaires and started our long, slow decline to Banana Republic without the Bananas status.

Back at the beginning of time (if you are Republican) the Sainted Ronald Reagan had an unspoken policy at the IRS: If a taxpayer owes less that $25,000, don't bother the poor bastid, go after the guys who owe really big bucks.

On practically his very first day in office bush 1 reversed that policy, basing it on this: Go after all the little guys who cannot afford big bucks attorneys to represent them and forget about pursuing the millionaires who CAN afford great representation, as they are too difficult to collect from. We can eat the small guys alive!

Amazing how karma can bring things around full circle isn't it? Bush is so desperate for money to throw down the Iraq Black Hole that even he apparently realizes the stupidity of his daddy's position.

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