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pResident bush - World's worst but well known liar…

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This just kills me (from laughing so hard) that even our supposed allies in the Middle East question bush's motives for the lies he keeps trying to spread against Iran. Apparently people following the news in other M.E. countries are not like Americans, where simply repeating a lie over and over somehow converts that lie to "conventional wisdom," AKA the "Truth."

From Raw Story comes the details, of which I will only hit the highlights:
US President George W. Bush arrived in Kuwait on Friday to rally the support of Arab allies against what he calls the Iranian "threat," after making a bold prediction for Middle East peace.[…]

His tour of Washington's closest friends in the oil-rich Gulf region comes amid escalating tensions between the United States and Iran over a naval confrontation in the strategic Strait of Hormuz.

But several commentators in the region have voiced strong misgivings about his intentions, amid fears Washington could resort to military action in the long-running standoff over Iran's disputed nuclear drive.

Although Kuwait is welcoming Bush as a friend, officials have said the emirate will not allow the United States to use its territory as a launchpad for any strike against Iran.[…]

At the start of the trip in Israel on Wednesday, he warned that Iran posed "a threat to world peace" and should not be allowed to develop the know-how to build a nuclear weapon. Iran denies seeking nuclear arms.

A US intelligence report made public last month said Tehran halted a covert nuclear weapons programme in 2003, but Bush insisted: "A country that once had a secret programme can easily restart a secret programme."[…]

Iranian cleric Ahmad Khatami urged Arab leaders in a Friday prayer sermon to distance themselves from Bush's "Iranophobia project," saying they should have "the wisdom not to tie their fate with a pathetic and bankrupt president who will be finished in a year."[…]

Dubai's Gulf News, in a front-page letter to Bush, launched a stinging attack on his administration's policy in the Middle East, chiefly its support for Israel despite the "oppression" of the Palestinians.

"We realise that containing Iran, selling more weapons and securing cheap oil supplies are the main issues on your mind as you tour the region," the paper said, dismissing Bush's "claim" to want to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Al-Khaleej, another UAE daily, said Bush was "striving to transform the Arab-Israeli conflict into an Arab-Iranian conflict, since nuclear Israel which is armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction, which is aggressive, expansionist, racist and an international outlaw, does not threaten world peace."
Why is it that everyone else in the world seemingly understands bush's motivations and lies except us Americans whom he purportedly represents?

How refreshing to see his lies exposed for what they are: disinformation, propaganda, and fear/war-mongering that even our allies see as totally transparent attempts to draw more nations into a conflict with Iran.

Poll any country in the world as to which country and/or person poses the greatest threat to world peace and you will find the answers to be: The United States of America as led by george w. bush.

Just warms the cockles of your heart, don't it? (Even though I have no idea what a "cockle" is and how it could be warmed.)

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