Thursday, January 31, 2008

Think Globally, Act Locally.

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This plan that NYC has to secede from New York state is awesome. Honestly, this city funnels a lot of money into the dysfunctional Albany machine and so much of it never finds its way back to the city. Why should our hard work support all those upstate layabouts? I say all major metropolitan areas should secede from their states. Like California for instance. The entire West coast of the state to 20 miles in should be its own state. Chicago? Does Chicago REALLY need Illinois? No, I don't think so. Miami? Hell, it's practically its own country anyway because of the Cubans. And New Orleans? You have no idea how different New Orleans is from the rest of Louisiana. On second thought, New Orleans should just secede from the whole planet it's so different.

And why stop there? States' rights aren't being respected anymore, why not just secede from the United States? New York certainly hasn't benefited from Washington. Its not like Washington has prevented the foreigners from invading the city via their real estate purchases. We should take a few pointers from the Lakotah Nation and just make our own country. Each state should secede from the US and each large city should secede from the state. Let's see the American government try to control THAT mess.




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