Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The most idiotic, inane, and biased column of the day…

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…comes as usual from David Brooks, a NYT opinion writer and substitute human being so full of himself that his columns are like random paragraphs of garbage thrown into the trash bin that is his column by the cleaning staff at night.

His dribble today is about his perceived "loss" of the "Obama Magic" where, as usual, he cites not a single source or a smidgen of proof for his ignorant raving. He uses really authoritative words that actually exist to say why in his Republican-shill opinion Obama is losing his mojo. Exciting words in boring sentences such as these brilliant observations:
[…]But then psychotherapists began to realize patients across the country were complaining of the same distress. They were experiencing the first hints of what’s bound to be a national phenomenon: Obama Comedown Syndrome.[…]

The afflicted had already been through the phases of Obama-mania[…]

These patients had experienced intense surges of hope-amine,[…]

But they found that as the weeks went on, they needed more and purer hope-injections just to preserve the rush. They wound up craving more hope than even the Hope Pope could provide,[…]

Up until now The Chosen One’s speeches had seemed to them less like stretches of words and more like soul sensations that transcended time and space. But those in the grips of Obama Comedown Syndrome began to wonder if His stuff actually made sense.[…]

Patients in the grip of O.C.S. rarely express doubts at first,[…] They see her campaign morosely traipsing[…] They see that her entire political strategy consists of waiting for primary states as boring as she is.[…]

They feel for her. They feel guilty because the entire commentariat now treats her like Richard Nixon. Are liberal elites rationalizing[…] As the syndrome progresses, they begin to ask questions […]
I'm sorry, but gag me with a spoon. I can't continue his endless unsupported, facetious and absolutely asinine rant in which he again shows his lack of credibility by using endless, made-up, imaginary little friends, such as , "they, tha afflicted, patients, thems, and thoses, and liberal elites that makes David Brooks a totally fictional opinion writer, unable to name or even make up names for sources and quotations to support his usual unsupported opinions.

Is this guy a star graduate of the Armstrong Williams School of Bush Propagandistic Writing or what? And hey, if this is all NYT opinion writers do, make up totally fictitious $hit to amuse themselves while pretending to be s-o-o-o much smarter and informed than you and me, even when it's total bull$hit a third grade teacher might forgive due to her students young age, I think Brooks is just a little old to be writing fairy tales, making up bogus mental syndromes, and purporting to speak for those "disaffected" liberal elite whom he clearly is unable to represent because of his personal bias, obviously having been a Republican shill virtually forever.

But hey, he has column inches to fill with whatever tripe falls within the boundaries of the NYT writing and opinion staff guidelines, and that has to be tough to do when you possess both the writing abilities and the personality of a brick.

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