Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jump back, Jack, ain't been no foreign terrorist attack…

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From the NYT:
With the House poised to vote today on electronic surveillance legislation that the White House has said falls far short of its requirements, President Bush warned legislators strongly Thursday morning against passing what he called “a partisan bill that will undermine American security.”

In clear defiance of the White House, the proposal from House Democratic leaders would not give retroactive legal protection to the phone companies that helped in the National Security Agency program of warrantless wiretapping. Mr. Bush also threatened to veto any such measure, should it reach his desk.

The Senate last month passed a bill that did provide such protection and also broadened government eavesdropping powers.

Using tough language on a subject on which he has been persistent and unswerving, Mr. Bush warned House members that “they should not leave for Easter recess without getting the Senate bill to my desk.”
It has probably escaped bush's notice that the only terrorist attack against American interests was when ELF, a known domestic terrorist group, recently burned down a few million dollars of property up in Washington state in an attack for which all his bragging about protecting us cannot account.

Other than that the world has not fallen into the sun, the wrath of whatever gods there may be has not rained down on America or democrats, there can be no genuine claim for a need for a further increase in surveillance powers, and in my opinion it should be up to the next president, presumably NOT an admitted liar, to make any further decisions on this matter.

Why should anyone ever again trust anything bush says?

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