Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Let's give them something to talk about…"

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Re: Spitzer. I, too, am already sick unto near death of the news networks constant hammering on Spitzer.

By their (MSM) own newly expressed standards of morality and concern for matters of fidelity and honor there should be dozens of Republican resignations damn near daily. But they have different standards for Rethugs.

UPDATE: Woe is me. Some totally insipid news reader from CNN just came on talking about how everyone present at Spitzer's resignation were all excited to be witnessing "history being made." I call bullsh*t.

What they witnessed was human frailty and the battle between the worst demons all of us face and the goodness that provokes an honorable solution from some humans; those that are mostly good but sometimes fall. Hardly the end of the world, but indicative of the rightwing bias of the MSM.

Obviously this will be turned into the "great story of our time," which it is really the MSM saying "Watch my hands, now! See the pretty pigeons?"

It's a weapon of mass distraction designed to take the country's attention away from the war, the economy, the decline in jobs and real wages, the adding of millions to the poverty list, and the real corruption ongoing in the GOP.

This will not resonate with our military veterans, many, many of whom have been sent to foreign station where there was much…uh…cavorting with prostitutes. I used to know many prostitutes with Masters and PHDs in subjects way over my head, but who could make much more money to pay for their education with prostitution than any other menial jobs available. Ya do what ya gotta do, and I have always figured that what a woman (or a man) does with their own bodies, and the patrons of those persons, do behind closed doors is none of my damned business.

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