Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And now for something completely different…

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I have a penchant for rhymed couplets, especially during times of great stress or when I am not sure I'm still human. I hope you enjoy this (On this one it helps to hum along with the tune of "The Boys are Back in Town," sans chorus):

I sat down to write today
Only to find I still have no say
In all the things going on
Just knowing that it can’t last too long.

Before we enter another war
Just like the ones before,
Unprovoked, ill-defined,
Man, it just blows my mind.

Of all the things in history,
What I would like our youth to believe
Is that they can have better days
When they will have the final say.

There can be an end to poverty
That state where no one should be,
Riding down that old highway
Wavin’ at those stuck in the old ways,

Of hatred, bias, and prejudice
Couched in words meant to impress,
But there is only one way
To change the way of the day,

By calling upon evey soul,
Rich, poor, young or old
To tell our government
We’re tired, worn-out, nearly spent.

george bush has indeed left a legacy
Of pain, torture, loss of legitimacy.
Things for which we will be paying
Just ‘cause bush’s faults were betraying,

Of the idea for which everyone was praying
A society pulled together and really stayin’
Workin’ together for the things that could be
And not imposing misery,

But I fear that this can never be
My country is now one I could never see,
Coming down on the citizenry
With a vengence based upon perfidy,

Of all those in corporality,
All those financed with hypocrisy,
The ones that cost us the American Dream,
At least that’s the way to me it seems.

So let’s tell ‘em all to go to Hell
Where they are sure to do very well,
But all the fancy words spoken and ill-spent
Doesn’t mean they should ever be elected President.

I will try to wrap this up now
Or I will go for days not knowing how
All these words could and would flow from me,
So I lay them bare here for you all to see.

Peace. It's not a foreign concept.

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