Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Last night's primaries.

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Kind of a stunner, no? I mean, Hillary goes all negative on Obama, runs a scary ad or two and she wins! Either people are stupid and beyond easily manipulated, or the machines are in control. She still doesn't have the delegate count though. It'll be interesting to see if the convention becomes a brokered one. If it comes down to back-room bargaining, Hillary will win, hands down.

Meanwhile, in republican land, Huckabee dropped out because McCain clinched the title, er, I mean nomination. Now there are two, McCain and Paul, thought Paul will never get mentioned. T0o bad. Between the two of them, Paul is the sane one.
The continuation of the war in Iraq will end in disaster for this country. Parallels between the Roman Empire and our own are numerous, although our decline and fall will happen far quicker than that of Rome. The current financial crisis has awakened some to the perils that await us, but solutions that address the root of the problem and seek to fix it are nowhere to be found. There must be a sea change in the attitudes and thinking of Americans and their leaders. The welfare-warfare state must be abolished, respect for private property and individual liberties restored, and we must return to the limited-government ideals of our Founding Fathers. Any other course will doom our nation to the dustbin of history.

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