Friday, April 11, 2008

Headlying for today: Fight for Sadr City a Proving Ground for Iraq Military

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Pardon me, but wasn't the battle for Basra a couple of weeks ago supposed to be the "proving ground" for Maliki and his army? And didn't the fight deteriorate to the point that Americans had to pick up the load, do the heavy lifting, while Maliki went hat-in-hand to Muktada al-Sadr to beg for a ceasefire?

And now the battle for control and the demonstration of Iraqi military might is in Sadr City?

How many "do-overs" does Maliki get before it's plain that his army is crap, despite the umpteen billion dollars we spent training them?

Our army takes 18-year olds fresh out of high school and makes 'em lean, mean fighting machines in twelve weeks and we are STILL spending billions more to keep training soldiers who desert at the first sign of trouble and leave hugh problems for Americans to solve?

Our mission there is a failure of the worst kind: we've trained soldiers who will not fight or who will actually turn on American forces to fight us.

It's clear to a blind fool that the reason the Iraqi's can't stand up a government is that they get to kill Americans and steal billions of dollars from America, too, as it now stands, and why should they give up the income and sport?

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At 11:14 AM, Blogger Vigilante said...

Well said, Bill! Assigning the world's greatest, most professionally competent armed forces to common occupation duty is military malpractice.

At 1:11 PM, Anonymous Bill said...

Especially since they are depleting our military and any chance we would have to defend ourselves if we were attacked.

There is not ONE single combat-ready battalion in the U.S. right now-bushco has exposed our soft under-belly and shown the world that small dedicated forces can defeat what were once the mightiest forces on earth. And break us financially at the same time.

Great job, bushie.


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