Thursday, April 10, 2008

McLame is a pain but is consistent in his refrains…

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…as today he is going to make a major policy statement regarding how he is going to handle the subprime housing crash.

He has some 'sperience with bailing out failed financial groups, just as he did with the [Charles] Keating Five and the Saving and Loan businesses.

I understand it will be a short speech:
"My friends, don't be little jerks and come begging for handouts from the government. Marry your own goddamned multi-millionaire beer heiress, then you can buy all the houses you want, jet planes will be yours, sunshine will return to the thousand points of light, and to boot, you can buy a pink tutu to dance the fandango. Just don't put those pink flamingoes in your yard, my friends, since they scare me spitless. The rest of you, my friends, can pitch a pup tent, squat somewhere and, my friends, go to hell in a hand-basket before I spend a dime on anything but war. Hell, my first condo was a tiger cage and you, my friends, can build one of those yourself. My friends…uh…my friends, oh f*ck you, insert your own goddamned witticism here. I'm buggin' out before Charlie finds me again you sniveling bunch of cowards, my friends."

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At 1:26 AM, Blogger Vigilante said...

Could be, McLame will only get votes from his friends. Hope so. Historical justice is a rare thing. But the biggest landslide tsunami ever, in November, would approximate a judgment of history. It would go a long way toward a complete and utter repudiation of Busheney. Hope ....

At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Bill said...

But, golly, that means McLame would get only four votes! And that's only if his wife and son vote for him.

I, too, believe history will be made in November when so many of the regular and now new democratic voters vote so heavily that not even the Rethugs would be able to claim a win with a straight face. Sooner or later sheer numbers will outweigh the paltry votes Rethugs get, no matter how hard they try to cheat.


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