Thursday, April 10, 2008

Two Headlines for the "No $hit, Sherlock Award"…

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…which is just my way of pointing out ridiculous headlines on subjects self-explanatory and of which most people are aware. Both come from NYT's front page. With no further adieu or unnecessary commercial interruption:
U.S. Trade Deficit Grows Unexpectedly
China’s Yuan Hits Milestone Against Dollar
Do not even read the articles if you have high blood pressure, an irregular heart beat, your erection lasts for over four hours, you have glaucoma, genital herpes, emphysema, a history of insanity in your family, an allergy to commonsense, hives, HPV, gonorrhea, male or female pattern baldness, chronic indigestion, angry bowel syndrome, sinus problems, brain cancer, any swollen glands, or if you were not aware that every penny we spend on the Iraqi black hole is borrowed from China, that the Chinese could devastate our economy by starting a run on the banks and, since we don't actually manufacture anything anymore, if their imports stop you will have no clothes, shoes, televisions, DVD players, iPods, and many other various and sundry item you need to survive.

Check with your doctor and your broker before starting or ending an exercise program and before you foolishly buy into the bogus argument that "our economy is strong and getting stronger."

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