Thursday, April 17, 2008

Todays Headline: Gov't Report: US Lacks Pakistan Terror Plan, Terrorists Operating Freely On Border…

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…ain't it amazing that you can't find someone you're not looking for, that by leaving the field of battle before it is won, by diverting so many military resources to fight an Iraqi Oil War, and taking into account the myriad of mistakes made by the most incompetent world leader ever known to exist means that our "war on terra" is not only lost, but likely to tear this country apart from the inside out?

Our Fearful leader knows no shame and would rather lose everything dear to this country before admitting a mistake.

Now, I'm all for the old, "The captain goes down with the ship," (sorry Sailor!) but to allow the captain, the Decider, break this country beyond repair is the ultimate foolishness.

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