Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Todays "No $hit Sherlock Award" for stating the obvious goes to…

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…the front page of the NYT:
Consumer Confidence Slips as Home Prices Drop
There can be no consumer confidence as long as the Republican Party is in charge as one of the stated aims of the party is to minimize government until they, "can drown it in a bathtub…" and thereby destroy America.

Looks to me like they are achieving their sick, twisted, perverted, cruel, and ugly dream.

New campaign slogan?:
Vote Republican and Help Finish Destroying America!
We don't need just peace movements, we need to restore our government and destroy the Republican Party. Put an end to it. Kill it, stake it through the heart, decapitate it, set it afire, and when only faint embers are left WE need to drown them and extinguish any hope of a Republican restarting the fire.

Unlike Republicans who are sworn to destroy our government I believe in a party that believes government will serve its citizens instead. The GOP has proven itself incapable of anything but destruction.

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