Sunday, May 04, 2008

Oh, Timmeh - Obama and the politics of plaid sheep…

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…Sitting here watching MTP and I can feel the bile of disgust rising higher and higher into my throat as Timmeh wastes 20 minutes of air time discussing the Reverend Wright: Why did you first back him? Why did you now renounce him? etc., etc. etc., et al., BS, MS, PHD (for the well-educated this contextual usage means: Bull$shit, More of the Same, and Piled Higher and Deeper).

I as so sick of this particularly vile method of interviewing, the:
"So-and-so said there is no such thing as plaid sheep, so when you were sitting in the same city - and let's be clear here that it's undeniably true you both were in America - do you denounce So-and-so for denying there are plaid sheep? Do you, yourself, believe that there really are plaid sheep? Do you intend to tell the administration of Dick Cheney that there are no plaid sheep? That his hunting shirts aren't from the death of a single plaid sheep and that instead his shirts are made of dyed wool spun together to make them plaid? Are you accusing the vice president of misleading the American public as to the existence of plaid sheep? Are you denying that Iran has had a super-duper super secret program to produce plaid sheep?

If plaid sheep were launched at our ally, Israel, would you respond in kind and launch a sufficient number of plaid sheep to completely obliterate Iran? Do you intend to take plaid sheep off the table altogether? Are you too chicken to use our arsenal of plaid sheep for world domination and all the oil we can steal, and if so why?

Do you intend to sign the Plaid Sheep Non-proliferation Treaty?
Okay, so I made up most of this up (except for the plaid sheep), but I think you get my point.

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