Thursday, May 15, 2008

A poem for the day…

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I’ll always remember the day my Daddy died,
I was sittin’ right there at his side
When he told me “Son, don’t ever trust a politician.”
And of all the subjects that could arise
This one caught me by surprise,
‘Specially since he said they were all evil magicians.

I asked him just what he could mean
I’ve been around and there’s plenty I’ve seen,
And he said that he would just make a simple prediction:
“That evil men doing evil deeds
Would ultimately subjugate the country’s needs
To suit their needs and their own perverted predilections.”

He told me that that would be the day democracy died,
And that it would die so quickly we wouldn't have time to cry,
that the ground would simply disappear beneath our feet.
He said when that happened and the ground was gone
It’d be to late for us to repent and before too long
America would be in full retreat facing imminent defeat.

Now as we reach the end of “America’s Golden Age”,
As we lose influence and power and stir up the world’s rage
I finally believe I know now what my Daddy meant.
Maybe we’ve already see the best our country can produce,
While our government, poorly run, egocentric, unable to deduce
All the good things we have done and the money we’ve well-spent.

Now it goes to fulfill corporate bribes, no-bid contracts, killing the ways of our lives,
Graft, corruption, cronyism, conspiracies to enrich even their own wives,
Without regard to the destruction of America and its ideals.
So now all I can do is look back on words spoken true,
Thinking I failed to protect America and you, the only thing to look forward to
Will be taking down all the war pigs, puttin’ ‘em on trial and listening to them squeal.

2009 is on the way, the people will have their say, and the evil politicians will rue the day. Run, bushie, RUN!

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