Wednesday, May 14, 2008

She's not dead yet.

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Of course, Clinton's camp is touting her win in W. Virginia as a clear indication of her overall electability. While I know that's wrong, I'm not able to say why. So, I turn to the standard blogbearers to explain. First, Josh Marshall on why she wins Appalachia:
In so many words, Pennsylvania and Ohio have big chunks of Appalachia within their borders. But those regions are heavily offset by non-Appalachian sections that are cultural and demographically distinct. West Virginia is 100% Appalachian. If you look at southeastern Ohio or the middle chunk of Pennsylvania, Obama did about the same as he's doing tonight in West Virginia.
So, basically, the phrase that's been peppered throughout the blogosphere this morning is that she's the "Al Sharpton of white people."

Additionally, a diarist over at dKos had this:
Despite the pomp and circumstance, Hillary's victory tonight pales in comparison to Obama's landslides... and it's beyond too late anyhow. Enjoy your night Senator Clinton. You did win. But you lost because you didn't win by 52%. This was your Most Lay-Up State... and your margin didn't eclipse Obama's most Favorable.
Yet, she soldiers on.

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