Thursday, May 15, 2008

Appeasement for Dummies and Current Idiots in the White House…

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…w-h-h-o-o-e-e! Man did bush unload his burdened soul regarding appeasement at the Israeli Parliament, which, due to some obscure rule allows retiring or overthrown politicians to speak and requires an open mike day for the retiree or over-thrownee to speak

From the the NYT:
President Bush used a speech to the Israeli Parliament on Thursday to issue a veiled rebuke to Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential contender, who has argued that the United States should negotiate with countries like Iran and Syria.

Mr. Bush did not mention Mr. Obama by name, and the White House said his remarks were not aimed at the senator.
We all know that even though bush is the most egregious admitted liar in the history of America that in this case we can take his word he is being honest this time and NOT being critical of Obama, so the reporter here obviously completely misunderstood bush and didn't listen to her White House handler.
Drawing parallels to the transformations of Europe and Japan after World War II, Mr. Bush in his speech touched on themes familiar to him, including the triumph of democracy over terrorism. He predicted “free and independent societies” across the region. “Iran and Syria,” he said, “will be peaceful nations, where today’s oppression is a distant memory.” Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Hamas “will be defeated,” he said.
bush added that he hoped America might one day again be free and not under the control of despotic egotist leaders such as the current administration.
Israeli officials have heaped accolades on Mr. Bush during his time here, a pattern that continued Thursday when Dalia Itzik, the speaker of the Knesset, said Mr. Bush was “a great friend, one of the greatest we’ve ever had.”
Which shows how absolutely desperate Israelis are to make new, aw , hell, ANY friends. I had to research that word "accolades," which, in Israel is defined as, "Animal droppings of semi-solid nature and firm enough to inflict quite a sting when shot from a slingshot."
The Parliament rolled out the red carpet, literally, for Mr. Bush, who arrived on the plaza in the early afternoon under bright sunny skies.
Unfortunately they pointed the carpet in the wrong direction and almost caused a very embarrassing international incident as bush and wife walked directly into the path of a landing F-18 causing the pilot to have to jettison its payload of nuclear weapons, which were all recovered by the small children playing on the flight line.
Mr. Bush is also expected to meet on Thursday with Tony Blair, the international envoy for Palestinian development, who earlier in the week announced a package of economic and security aid for Palestinians to improve life in the West Bank.
And this is where the appeasement of demented world leaders ends. bush has sternly advised Tony Blair, in the harshest terms, that bush will no longer be appeased by the, "Mutual Pud Pounding," for which they had become famous.

Well, that's today's political report.

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