Thursday, June 12, 2008

The criminal bush now cannot rush…

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…to convict prisoners with no power to defend themselves against secret and unknown charges, with no counsel, and whose evidence against them has "disappeared."

It is well-known that bush wanted some terrorists convicted, sentenced to death, and actually executed before the November elections in order to convince Americans that only Republicans and John McSame the Insane Clown Killer could save us all from extinction.

Well, that evil intention is now right out the window as these prisoners, some of whom were incarcerated as children and grew up in American confinement suffering American torture, will now be able to appeal their confinement and render it impossible for bush to go on another killing spree in such a short time.

Ain't our constitution a beautiful thing?

And with a Democratic congress there is (hopefully) ZERO chance of passing more bogus laws to allow bush unrestrained authority to kill anyone he wants.

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