Monday, June 09, 2008

An easily overlooked quote from Paul Krugman…

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…regarding the decline of the GOP as the, "Strongest defenders of America…" that so hits the mark I believe it bears repeating (h/t to Mark Twain):
"…the G.O.P.’s credibility as America’s defender has leaked away into the sands of Iraq."
Of course, our criminal leadership engaging the country in an illegal war of aggression against Iraq to steal their oil, illegally torturing people held illegally for more than half a decade in some cases, conducting illegal military kangaroo courts where neither defendants nor attorneys may see the evidence being used by the government to soon conduct illegal executions (that used to be called murder, didn't it?), the ruination of our economy pursuing illegal wars, the absolute destruction of all the fine American ideals of democracy that stood this nation well so very long, and the consequent accumulative effect of all these causing the rest of the world to believe that America is a force of evil and no longer a force of good in the world might have something to do with it as well, but I just like the Krugman quote and wanted it to receive as much attention as possible.

Another public service provided by the patriots of VidioSpeak.

NOTE: I changed this slightly as I realized I had repeated the Mark Twain quote, so I placed credit for it differently and eliminated the redundant, unnecessary, duplicative, repetitive, and unneeded sentence. Bill

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