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Superfund and other toxic sites poison our military personnel prior to ever seeing combat…

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…and directly affects and poisons those military personnel who will never serve in combat.

Extremely toxic chemicals don't discriminate amongst its victims and that goes for civilians and their children who may unwittingly be living atop, near-by, or drinking water polluted by some of the most vicious chemicals ever devised by man.

I mention this because I brought this up in response to a posting by Sailor regarding the mental status of our veterans, the mental problems they suffer now and will suffer in the future, and I just wanted to point out how hazardous military duty is, even those who never serve in a combat zone.

This problem touches almost all Americans, man, woman, or child, and in comparison to the dangers these Superfund toxic sites pose, the consequences of super toxins leaching into our drinking water, and the dangers this presents to all our citizens are not at all a constant subject of concern as they should be.

I direct your attention to this site which, after the preamble below list an utterly shocking and distressing list of several hundred of these Superfund Toxic sites, the location of many which will surprise you. And when you look, take a gander of all the military bases listed that are in heavily populated civilian areas, meaning that not only is our government willing allowing our soldiers to be poisoned by chemicals, but they could not care less about poisoning, causing birth defects, cancers, and a whole list of maladies that Americans should not have to face:
WASHINGTON, May 18, 2007 — The Superfund sites listed below have been classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as not having human exposure under control and/or not having contaminated groundwater migration under control. Sites get the human exposure tag when people can come into contact with the toxins on that site, while the groundwater contamination tag is assigned when the migration of such water has the potential to affect local residents’ drinking water. In addition, the Center for Public Integrity compared the contaminants reported at each site to the the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry’s listing of most dangerous chemicals found at Superund sites and flagged those sites. These records are current as of April 20, 2007.
Please read and learn how our government is killing its own people quite willingly in order to build bigger and better weapons to go out and kill even more people.

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