Friday, July 11, 2008

California Steaming, On Such a Pretty day…

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…my apologies to any readers wondering what happened to me and why I have haven't been posting lately.

For the last three days it has been soaring to searing triple digit temperatures that were quite hard on me.

This ancient house in which I live had a magnificent 120 ft. tall elm tree with a 49" trunk when my family and I moved in, the canopy of which covered almost all my house and my neighbor's home, providing much relief on hot days.

Unfortunately, about three years ago the tree, as most California elms have, succumbed to disease and a 1,500 lb. branch broke off, somehow managing to miraculously miss the house, all five dogs, and we humans who live here. It posed such a danger that a crew spent days cutting down and making that tree disappear, taking the heat relief it provided with them.

So while I ridicule the GOP non-believers in global warming I have been hot to the point of literally feeling ill, which surprises me since I went to high school in Las Vegas and used to absolutely love the desert and the heat. I guess those days are gone for good 'cause of my military service-connected maladies.

Anywho, it's only supposed to be in the low 90's today so I thought I would get an early start.

Thank goodness there is no such thing as global warming (although all my S.F. friends sweltering in high 90 temps would argue that point vociferously).



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