Friday, July 25, 2008

Programming Note:

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If you're interested in seeing the farcical "impeachment hearings", they start at 10am today. There will be 13 witnesses of varying importance and relevance. You can watch it on CSPAN here if you're trapped at the office. It looks like it's CSPAN 1.

Of course, nothing juicy will happen since Conyers has already said that if anyone accused the president of "any crime, or any impeachable offense, or dishonorable conduct, or even lying," he'll shut the hearing down.

Update: As I'm watching this stupid thing, it strikes me that they only argue semantics. The issue is rarely addressed and mostly skirted. One guy, I can't remember, some lawyer from Virginia I think, very eloquently and colloquially discussed how every war that has been conducted by this government was almost always later to have been found out to be based on bad information. He refused to acknowledge that the presidents at the time knew it was bad information, like, the USS Maine, Pearl Harbor and the Gulf of Tonkin. He thought it was insane to think that a president would attack another country for anything other the most noble reasons. He literally said, and I paraphrase, "Decisions were made on bad information, people died. It happens." Not only is he a heartless bastard, that man is a delusional fool. He either doesn't understand for whom the system functions, who he does and he's lying to protect aforementioned system.

The whole thing is just so much political theater. Popcorn doesn't even help. Hell, a stiff scotch won't help this mess.

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