Friday, July 11, 2008

Stupid headline and ridiculous assumptions…

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…also from the WaPo:
Jackson Incident Revives Some Blacks' Concerns About Obama
It is way the hell and gone outrightly ridiculous to even print articles and make assumptions about a candidate's character and capabilities and support based upon an off-the-cuff-stupidly-inane-comment made by a political has-been of ever diminishing importance (but still a legend in his own mind, as it were).

No wonder the world looks at America as a bunch of uncouth clowns in a country still in its political infancy and laugh at us.

Isn't this entire brouhaha just too silly to be addressed by "national news outlets" while McLame goes around proving that he may no longer be mentally competent or qualified to be a president everyday?

No wonder the MSM newspapers are dying ugly deaths.

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