Friday, August 08, 2008

Oh, boy! A circus to distract the masses!

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I hope that more people like me - a lot more - don't abandon any principles they may hold against slavery, domination, jailing dissidents, and government censorship to be entertained by what I believe is the greatest fraud ever, the Olympic games being held in Communist China, one of the most repressive governments on earth (with the U.S sliding down that same slippery slope to absolute despotism and catching up quickly).

I know that I just can't watch pageantry and sporting competitions while being aware of the slave labor used to build the site or without thinking of the thousands of people forced from their homes so the site could be built, and the tens of thousands more restricted to areas out of the sight of the yellow dog news readers who will definitely abandon their principles to cover this event.

I am ashamed, but not surprised, that bush would attend these games and by extension ratify the actions of the Red Chinese Communist government. After all, bush is the biggest dog turd and unprincipled president America has ever had and he must pay homage to the financiers of America. He is, after all, their whippin' boy and we are their biggest debtor.

So while the networks try to sell us wall-to-wall, 24/7 coverage of this shameful event I guarantee you I won't watch any of it for any longer than it takes me to grab the remote and flip to networks not covering the "games."

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