Thursday, August 21, 2008

Polling Problems

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So, yesterday, everyone was in a tizzy over the one gallup poll that showed McCain with a national lead over Obama. Kos explained it well:
At the same time, a new Q-poll has Obama up five, Gallup has him up three (after being tied a couple of days ago), Ras has him up two, as does Bloomberg/Times.
So, it's really no big whoop. But of course, of all those polls, the corporate-owned media only reported that one Zogby poll. (And Zogby, I might add, has had a rather spotty history.)

And today, the story line is all about McCain "closing the gap" with Obama in the national polls.

Now, I ask you, wouldn't it be just as easy to say "Obama maintains national lead"?

Of course it would, but that wouldn't manufacture the much-needed horse race now would it.

Aren't we all a little tired of being manipulated by all of this crap?

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